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You push a little button & make hot chocolate,

You push a little button & make some tea,

The world’s gone mad just pushing little buttons

But what about you & me?


 You push a little button to make a motor car,

You push a little button to watch TV

Night & day we’re pushing little buttons

But what about you & me?

Now, own up! How far into reading the above had you got before you started to sing or it was at least in your ‘singing brain? For me, once I hear this ditty, it’s with me for a while. It got me thinking about TV trailers & adverts & how successful they are in capturing our consciousness to either go & buy or in the case of the rhyme above, to change our habits. Advertising was always something that the ‘commercial’ channels engaged in. Not the sort of thing that the BBC would ever consider.

However, since the competition has increased a hundred fold (well in quantity at least!) even the BEEB advertises programmes & some merchandise connected with them. I do wonder though if the trailers don’t go on too long & contain too much information! Sometimes you don’t really need to watch the programme! In the case of my OH, it is a good way to make sure he DOES NOT watch as he pronounces ‘That’ll be rubbish!’

So, the purpose of this post is to throw down a challenge to get you to think about adverts & trailers around at the moment. Do they work? Do you buy the product?

 I’m not going to be nasty & restrict you to those you like & those you hate. (did you know there is a monthly journal that publishes the list of the most hated ads!). I’m not going to make it an individualised meme! If you’re reading this, have a go!

Here are a few of mine

Definitely turn over channel ads:

  • Dulcoease – have you ever discussed your toilet habits with friends?!
  • Thomson Holidays with the Rednaps
  • Halifax – both the Hand & the new ISA ISA baby!

 Really annoying ads:

  • ‘We buy any car .com’ mainly for the song again & the speed of the whole thing.
  • Go compare – Can’t see the connection with Opera!

 Bearable ads:

  • Direct Line – I’m a Stephen Fry fan
  • Compare the market –really like merkats –Simples!

 Very favourite ad:

  • Cow & Gate ad. The laughs are truly wonderful. You can’t watch it without laughing but does it make you mums with young children buy it?

 So, what gets YOU going when you’re watching? Does it affect whether you buy the product? Do you watch the programme?

For those of you who may be interested:

* the ‘You Press A little Button’ song was written by Tony Hatch & is sung by his sister Ninnette

* The Top 100 ads of all time can be seen here


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  • Love Stromi’s choice. In fact all of the ads from the early 80s…halycon days! Now, I HATE the glade ad…. “yes, it’s glade” ….should I care?

    I love the meerkats – have you checked out the website? It’s real…you really can compare the meerkats!


    • I’ve had a look at the top 100 ever & they ceratinly take you back. Were they the good old days? didn’t we moan about them then as well?!
      Thank you for popping over!

  • Stromi

    Will it be chips,
    or jacket spuds?
    will it be salad,
    or fro oh zen peas?
    Will it be mushrooms?
    Fried onion rings?
    You’ll have to wait and see.

    I had a night last week where I watched all the adverts from years ago that used to be really creative. There were some absolute corkers including a 1970’s Woolworths ad that was really cheesy.

    Occasionally an ad comes on and it makes me feel like eating the product being advertised (usually chocolate products. Not often honda cars). Even more infrequently it makes me aware of products that I never new existed but would find useful. it has never persuded me to switch from one brand to another though.

    Hope it’s chips, it’s chips.
    We hope it’s chips, it’s chips.

  • We avoid ads by watching replay (we don’t actually watch much TV but replay is a bit of a boon!), if we do stumble on a programme with unavoidable ads we press the mute button and have a natter or make a cuppa. I don’t think an ad has made me want to buy anything since I was a child. I do LOATHE advertising to children with a vengance.

  • It seems to be the one everyone hates! Thanks for popping in!

  • I was going to say the same as Rosie Scribble I hate the Halifax ad, can’t bear it. I would rather change channels x

  • Ah another Dulcoease hater! It’s the word ‘stools’ that turns my stomach. And the ridiculous notion that you’d pass them around when you’re sitting in a bar.

    I find the ‘Comfort’ cloth puppets very creepy.

    I prefer all the old sexy ones: the Milk Tray man, the rude woman chomping on a Flake….ah those were the days.

  • Kat

    I like the old Barclays add with the guy on the large waterslide. Miss seeing that one every so often.

  • The Halifax ad is enough for me to change banks let alone channels, and I also hate anything toilet related. The ones of Sky seem to be even more explicit. Thankfully now I have my sky box I can fast forward past a lot of them.

  • Chris Caselton

    As I watch most of my tv on either my virgin V+ box or our freeview PVR, adverts pass by in a blur of 32x speed as I rarely watch live tv and certainly not on commercial channels. So the likelihood of me purchasing anything as a result of an advert would be extremely unlikely!

    However one or two ads have been worthwhile watching, notably the Honda advert with the little ball travelling through a ‘marble run’ made up of bits of the car – that was worth watching for its creativity, but I haven’t rushed out to buy a Honda as a result!!

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