Learning Through a Lens

I don’t often get the chance to advocate for great classroom resources let alone the work of friends but when Jane Hewitt kindly gave me permission to use her ‘Boots’ photographer for a prompt on 100 word Challenge, I was happy to do both.
This is her first foray into the world of publishing and what a gem it is!

I was asked to do a review of this book by Crown House Publishing and when they sent me my own copy as a thank you and because many teachers may not think of the potential of using photography with pupils, I want to share it with you.
The book is presented in an organised way, usefully colour coded with basics that include camera settings, the legality of using images and creative ideas outside the classroom at the beginning, followed by a wonderful array of projects that can be undertaken in any educational setting. These learning opportunities cover a wide variety of curriculum areas and stress that you do not have to be a professional photographer to get wonderful results with your class.

Jane talks about Visual Literacy’ and highlights the many apps that are now available for all our hand held devices, many of them owned by pupils. This means exploring a theme such as Street Art is within the reach of most teachers.
My friendship with Jane developed through us both taking part in a Photo A Day challenge when we posted 365 pictures, one for each day. During that year, Jane introduced me to Little People. They are tiny models made originally for use in model railways but my goodness what stories you can tell by using them with everyday objects!

You can see how these shots can make great story starters or more in depth work on creating ‘miniature worlds’ (p.144)
There is so much in these pages that a short post like this cannot do it justice. As I said in my original review, I felt there was enough for two books! It really is a resource that every class should have because it is not time or talent restricted. Giving learners an understanding of  what can be seen through the lens will certainly open up their imaginations and give them a wonderful window on their world.
Copies are available via Amazon here ‘Learning Through the Lens’


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