Is Peace One Day achievable? 100WCGU #190

Peace one day

Did you know that 21st September is Peace One Day?

I didn’t.

You only have to look at the news headlines to know we are a long, long way from peace with an aid convoy being hit just minutes after the agreed ceasefire ended in Syria. This sort of action does not stop brave humanitarians from risking their lives or from trying to change things.

Jeremy Gilley is an actor turned filmmaker, who in the late 1990s became preoccupied with questions about the fundamental nature of humanity and the issue of peace. He decided to explore these through the medium of film, and specifically, to create a documentary following his campaign to establish an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence. Peace One Day website

This was its beginnings

I like the play on words that there could be peace in the world one day but at least we need to try to have peace on one day which is 21st September.

The website Peace One Day is all about reaching out to people to become aware of the day and to try to do something as an individual towards peace. There are lots of resources for schools as well as memorabilia to buy. 

In the spirit of building awareness the prompt for this week is:

…Who will you make peace with?…

The link will close on 26th September

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