Irritating cough!

Irritating cough

Men can be frustrating. When mine has an irritating cough he is a nightmare!

It starts with the snuffles. Nothing much but clearly something is happening in his nasal passages. I never met his mother but understand she was a lovely lady however, she missed out on effective nose blowing techniques when hubby was small.

Consequently, at these snuffly times he sniffs and if there is one thing I can’t stand it is a sniffer! I’ve always been a ‘give a good blow – fog horn like’ type.

Moving on, a cold is developing.

‘Would you like to take something,’ I say supportively.
‘No, it’s fine, just a bit of hay fever.’

Gradually, you can’t hold a conversation through the sneezing. Still there is a reluctance to accept the situation and then it dawns on me as I realise why. My husband has played 5-a-side football on a Monday for 34 years. As he is now a year away from 60, he is determined that ‘a bit of a cold’ is not going to stop him this week so off he goes.

You can probably write the next bit yourself Dear Reader. Within an hour of returning the cough starts.

Like the gentle nose-blowing it is more of a throat clear. Then there are the noises similar to those one hears in polite company when someone is trying to attract attention discreetly.

‘Would you like some cough medicine?’ I ask hopefully.
‘No, it’s only a tickle,’ comes the reply.

And so it goes on all evening. Eventually he surrenders to a Lem Sip and finally to some medicine. By this time I’m grinding my teeth and wishing we had a much larger house. Sleep is very difficult (for me!) as he is snoring for England but bless him, at the end of the day I love him, irritations and all.

He never complains about all my many foibles and acceptance of these things is what makes a marriage a partnership isn’t it?

Nevertheless, when I meet his mother, I’m going to have words!

What are your irritating habits that drive folks up the wall? What really irritates you? Come on, share. You’re among friends!

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