In the beginning….

Yesterday, I was reminded by a wonderful post by @peabee Beryl that we often forget to reflect on our lives & think about people & events that got us to where we are. I thought about the start of this adventure.

When I first left headship I was going to do all sorts of things but I didn’t have a list & thought they would all come flooding to me. After a few weeks it was clear that this was not going to happen mainly because my system was shouting rest, rest, rest! Unfortunately, having run schools as the head for over 13 years, I didn’t know how to do rest. I tried. I really did! My OH was at a loss as to how to help me move into what should be another wonderful stage of my life.

We visited a National Trust house & in one of the children’s bedrooms, suddenly I was reminded of my childhood & a possible short term solution – jigsaw puzzles! I’ve always enjoyed them & they became my ‘work’ for a while. They allowed me to focus & achieve. I became very possessive about them & would only allow help with the ‘sky’ type pieces!

Things have moved on now & I’m gradually filling up that blank piece of paper but…there’s always a puzzle on the go – just in case!

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  • Ahhhh jigsaws, what a wonderful way to keep your brain ticking over while at the same time relaxing … great idea, Julia! (Well done on the fab new header image too – very nice!).

    I’m determined this year to learn to crochet … I thought that as I’m about to hit 40, I’d better learn a useful skill so that when I become a Nanna (hopefully not too soon!) I can say “I made this for my darling grandbaba) *hehehe*

  • Lovely post and thank you for the link! It must be very strange to let go of something you’ve excelled in, even when it’s your own choice.

    I’m really looking forward to reading more about this stage of you life and getting to know you better.


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