How this ‘LOVE ‘ was spread across the world!

LOVE Robert Indiana
Robert Indiaina's LOVE

Philadelphia Sept.2015

Can you imagine designing an image that would spread across the world and not get any royalties for it? That was the story we were told when travelling on top of a tourist bus in Philadelphia. I haven’t been able to find out if that was true but it would be a shame if it is because you see them across the world.

Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture has been created in many languages including Hebrew, Spanish Italian and Chinese. We only saw the English versions in Philadelphia and New York but even those were different in size which gave them a different feel. The original design was used for a print image for a Christmas card for the Museum of Modern Art in 1964 and has also been used as a postage stamp design in 1973


Robert Indiana

“The “LOVE Sculpture” is the culmination of ten years of work based on the original premise that the word is an appropriated and usable element of art, just as Picasso and the Cubists made use of it at the beginning of the century, which evolved inevitably, in both my “LOVE” paintings and sculpture, into the concept that the word is also a fit and viable subject for art.

To find out more of the man’s thoughts read Interview with Indiana 2013

Robert Indiana's LOVE

New York – May 2012

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