How blogging ruined my plans or it’s all Stephen Fry’s fault

Blogging ruined my plans

Struggling to carry all the farewell gifts, I packed the car and without a backward glance at the school,  I drove away. Having read the article High-flying women who say retirement’s torture (you did read it didn’t you because it was me in a national newspaper!) you will know about the best laid plans and all that.

In the beginning, it felt like a wilderness. I was mentally wandering around trying to find something to grasp and give me some sense of purpose. The days were hard and early retirement seemed like the biggest mistake I could have made. Then, *drum roll please* a friend suggested I take a look at Twitter.

It’s a strange world that Twitter. At first I found it very difficult to get the hang of it. However, I followed How blogging ruined my plansStephen Fry and because of that I’m now a blogger. You may ask how one can precipitate the other but it’s easy really. The concept of Twitter is that you follow someone; then you follow who they are following  (are you keeping up?). Through following one of the nation’s treasures, Stephen Fry introduced me to bloggers and a whole new world. I had no idea there were things called blogs or that having one was open to anyone.

I remember thinking ‘ah, maybe that’s what I want to be when I grow up – a writer’. Guided by my new virtual friends, I soon had a WordPress blog up and running and although was very much a newbie in both blogging and writing, I had found my direction.

Over the next few years my life as a blogger went through a number of evolutions and I now have several covering a variety of topics. My husband seems to be proud to tell people I’m a writer as he has worked out the term ‘blogger’ isn’t as universally understood. Recently I have leant a great deal by joining the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and it’s creator, the wonderful Sarah Arrow asked for a post about why we blog. Now she is someone to follow!!

So here you go Sarah! Here is the reason that I haven’t read all the classics, got myself fit and do lunch more as was first part of my retirement plan.

Thank you Stephen Fry, because although you have no idea I exist let alone how you helped, me and blogging are all down to you!

Are you a blogger? How did you get there?

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