Home alone – grown-up style

Home alone - grown up style

My husband has left me.

Hours alone to fill

Thoughts filling my head with lists of actions to take

What will happen to me?

What are the things to remember? Practical things like locking the door, putting on the alarm, turning the heating off

Simple things yet so strange to me as they are not what I do

I cook and clean. That’s it.

What about money? Do I use cash or card? Which one? What’s the number?

That can’t be the time! Surely it’s later than that so I can go to bed

I can go up when I want now

Mooching around shops is nice but you have to come home

So tired. Being alone makes you tired

What’s the saying ‘Please yourself’. Difficult when you don’t know what would please you. Not used to thinking about that.

Time for friends. Time for chatting. Time for walking and doing lunch.

Time to catch up with all those things on that ‘To Do’ list.

Why is it difficult to knuckle down. The list is not quite so long but it should be completely gone.

Weather’s nice. Time for couples

My husband has left me


Thank goodness he will be back from his annual football tour week-end in a couple of hours!

How are you in your own company?




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