Holiday 'To Do' List!

When I was teaching, I started to compile it around the beginning of July so by the time the holiday arrived it was about the length of a small roll of Andrex!
Among the items that regularly appeared on the summer holiday  ‘to do’ list in no particular order would be:

  • School Development Plan
  • Timetables for next year
  • Review of Policies
  • School Evaluation Form (as was the SEF)

Although I’m retired I still work around the school timetable and still have a holiday list:
Since last summer this blog has been developed and it has really taken off. I also have another blog that at times gets a little neglected. Between the two, I have found lots of excellent writers and blogs. I have lots of articles in my ‘Read Later’ file and also want to explore moving the Head’s Office to other areas and topics.

My kitchen is in desperate need of a make over. We won’t go as far as new units etc but a lick of paint will make a huge difference.
CATCH UP WITH MY TES READING:-Times Educational Supplement

Along similar lines, I need to catch up with my TES reading. I get it every week but often by the time I get round to reading it, government policy has changed!
Many of my friends are in education and still working so the holidays are a good time to catch up and really make connections. It’s also a time for a bit of gossip which is always good to do!
This year has been enormous fun but extremely busy. I am going to make myself have a rest away from the PC and internet. It was something I always urged my staff to do but somehow failed miserably. I’m going to enjoy my garden, find those novels that I asked for as Christmas presents but haven’t yet read and just chill!

What does your holiday list contain? Does it have REST in large capital letters?

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