Holiday Souvenirs

Evil Eye

Do you always come back with holiday souvenirs or are they are thing of the past?

I remember as a little girl being very excited about buying trinkets for friends with the name of the place blazoned on it somewhere. Now I’m a bit older (!) I’m not sure what to give the family so often resort to local wine if we are travelling via train or  car.

After our recent trip to North Cyprus I have discovered that we did do well in terms of holiday souvenirs although hadn’t intended to.

What did I buy?

Holiday souvenirs


Here is a selection of material items. I just loved these multicoloured pashminas and hubby always tries to find a football shirt of the area. This one is for Galatasary which is the top Turkish team. The official title of the part of the island we visited is Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus so you will see lots of Turkish influences in these holiday posts.

I was aware that there was a chance of me wanting to buy several things and knew I would not have room in the case so bought this voluminous canvas bag. It has the trade mark of olives which we saw everywhere we went. I actually picked one from a tree. It was hard, bitter and horrid!



…and there’s more!

The local village to the complex Tatlisu holds a festival every year to celebrate the harvesting of carob trees. We were able to go along one evening and although I will share that with you in another post, I did top up my holiday souvenirs. A trip to Kyrenia harbour added another.

The Cyprus Eye



The fridge magnet and one of the bracelets has the decoration of protection against the Evil Eye, a
tradition across the Mediterranen but very much a Turkish Cypriot one. It is said that if someone gives you the ‘evil eye’ that can bring illness so by having this ‘eye’ around, those bad spirits will be warded off.




Not all holiday souvenirs are good!

Sadly, there is one purchase that is not going to see light of day with me. I very much wanted a summer frock. The friend we were staying with has lots and gave me the confidence to not worry about my ‘bat wings’. This dress is beautiful, bright and would keep me cool. The only problem is it is too big! I had to try it on over the T-shirt I was wearing so I suppose it is not surprising. i might have been carried away with the shop keeper telling me I was like Princess Diana (I did remind him she was dead!) but whatever it was, I won’t be wearing it. Turkish dress

So, there we have it. A great haul from our trip.

Do you bring holiday souvenirs home? What type of items are they?

What should I do with my dress?



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