I know the title of this post looks completely at odds with ‘the Kindness Club’ but I need to set the scene for my post.

 I have just come back from a trip out in the car with OH. As you will know if you have followed my blog we live in an urban area surrounded by streets with lots of parked cars in them. That obviously brings its own problems but we choose to live here so accept the difficulties that too many cars for the space around us sometimes bring. We do use shanks’ pony as much as possible but sometimes we have to get into the metal beast. It does mean that we approach driving around locally with a certain resigned tolerance. It is quite possible that we will have to stop & wait for cars to pass. We may have to pull in taking a deep inward breath because the gap is SO tight.

We have just had such an experience. There was no way two cars could pass between those that were parked either side. My OH is always a gentleman & will always be the first to make the move towards a solution. So, he gingerly reversed along this road that had a slight bend in it causing him some tension as he strove to miss scraping or bumping those vehicles he was carefully avoiding.

 The car that we were accommodating kept coming towards us, getting closer all the time. It just added more stress to an already difficult situation. We got to a space that allowed the other car to pull in &….Yes- you guessed it – there was not a by your leave or thank you from the other driver!! Grrr!

That was in complete contrast with my experience yesterday. I had read the prompt before setting out (as a pedestrian this time!) & was looking for please & thank you opportunities. I crossed the road at the crossing which meant that cars from both directions had to stop. I duly nodded & mouthed ‘Thank you’ to both to receive a wave from one & a lovely smile & mouthed ‘pleasure’ from the other!

If only all drivers could be as patient & generous & remember that a please & thank you goes such a long way to helping us live a pleasant world!

This post was written in response to the Kindness Club Week 3 prompts  to say Please & Thank you

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  • veryanniemary

    Here in the States, the pedestrian is King! I had my heart in my mouth when I first came here as both adults and children would step into the road without looking and then not acknowledge the car stopping for them! I have lived here long enough to get used to it, which means when I come back to England to visit I nearly kill myself forgetting to look both ways before I step into the road…

    Just remember there are more people ready to smaile and wave than aholes pushing to get passed you…

  • I will keep this brief, as just the thought of the subject is enough to make my blood boil. Just wanted to say I totally agree!

  • *aargghh* I SO feel for you … we live in SW London and regularly drive into town via Wimbledon, Putney and Fulham into Knightsbridge and Chelsea … and I don’t know HOW my other half keeps his temper! Most of the drivers have no respect for other road users or pedestrians, no consideration and NO AWARENESS!!!!!

    Nice post sweetie! x

  • People tend to be different behind the wheel than out of the car. Have you sen the advert that demonstrates what it would be like if we used the pavements like we drove?

    It’s a bit like some on-line forums where people can say whatever they like behind a secure veil of anonimity.

  • Jen

    We badly need a lot more courtesy and giving on our roads. Many people don’t feel the need to be polite when driving, such a shame. Jen.

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