Garden diary #2 

This post is a little late in being published. Put it down to the busy time we’ve had recently!


As promised, here is an update of the progress of the garden. I think it looks better from a distance because everything is so tall. I should read the labels more closely!


We have some other pots down the side and I decided to use the seeds I had over. These needed sowing in May so I was pleased to finally get the garden ‘done’ if a little late. However an animal decided otherwise!




A bit of research and chatting to the neighbours it turns out to be foxes. They discovered our garden when one of our fence panels was down after some strong winds but now that entrance has been sealed they are climbing over the fence.

I was so disappointed because I had no idea how to solve the problem. I tweeted out to Bristol city council with a bit of a grumble on what were they doing about this. It turns out that control of foxes has nothing to do with the council but they did recommend this booklet which has some great suggestions in it.

Living with Urban Foxes


Come back later to see which tips I followed!

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