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I had no idea that Aloe Vera is such a magical plant but at a Forever Living party last night I found out!


Did you know you can drink it?

The gel inside the leaf of the plant is extracted and used in a variety of drinks that promote good health. It contains 19 of the 20 amino acids that support our complex enzyme systems which results in more energy and a general feeling of wellbeing.


Creams and lotions

I know that Aloe has some amazing properties for calming and moisturizing the skin but with the addition of other natural products Forever have extended this to include cream for stiff joints, first aid for cuts and bruises and a cream to bring warmth to muscles.


Forever Living

What else?

As you can see from this picture there are lots of other products. A variety of complementary ingredients in tablet form, shampoo, toothpaste,  and many more.

Forever also promotes a F.I.T programme to help with weight management. The starting point is a 9 day regime that will cleanse your system and kick-start this transformation of diet and fitness. As this is a robust start your Forever distributor will make sure it is suitable for any medical conditions you may have and will be on hand to help you through.


Forever for a career

As Forever is a member of the Direct Selling Association, it is only natural that although you can buy their products on line, you can also hold or attend parties where you are introduced to the products. It is a pleasant way to spend an evening and you have the chance to chat and ask questions.
Mummy's Little Cakery wt


My hostess was Melanie Todd who is just starting out on this career path. She already has a flourishing business Mummy’s Little Cakery which allows her to share her amazing cake design talent. She is hoping by joining Forever Living she will be able to meet people and and share products she is passionate about.


So, there you have it. I haven’t been to a sales party for years but it was nice to meet new folks. The products are not cheap but they do feel rich and certainly go a long way as you only need a small amount. Those who have tried the gel drinks spoke very positively about them and several in the room were considering embarking on the 9 Day cleanse programme. Hopefully, Mel who was supported by Cecilia Whyborn her manager, was pleased with her first party and is looking forward to many more!

When was the last time you attended a sales party? What was the product and did you buy any?

This is not a sponsored post and apart from a delicious cake I received no gifts or payment.

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