First Day of the Holiday – heaven or hell?

If you work in education, when is the first day of your summer holiday? Is the next day, whether it is the week-end or not, or is it the first day without WORK? I picked up a conversation on Twitter over the week-end between two folk who were really struggling to find equilibrium.  They both felt strange, disconnected and ‘odd’.
For me the first day is the next work day, which is often a Monday. I’m not good with Mondays . As a head teacher I always had a long list of all the jobs I was going to do over the holidays that I just had not been able to get to during term time. I was always excited about the list and the promise of getting things crossed off.
When I was working, the first day invariably saw me back at school tidying, throwing away and shredding a year’s worth of papers, many unread! I think it was this mundane activity that helped ‘bring me down’ from the adrenalin rush that is the last few days of the school year.
Once I retired of course, I don’t have the rush but interestingly, I still have the anti-climax and this year it has been awful. I suppose it has to do with my involvement in schools through my Governor work as well as all the antics I’ve got up to via this blog. Whatever it was, I felt completely lost. I tried to get going on the list that I have for the summer (yes, I’ve got a list this year!) but was incapable of any thoughts or actions. I was unable to take my husband’s advice and sit and read or do my jig-saw which is always there for times when I need to relax.
Hopefully, as the next few days pass, it will get easier. I wondered if it was the realization that I am retired and my psyche is rebelling against such a notion. Who knows! I do know there are some colleagues out there who haven’t finished for the holidays yet.  So, how was the first day of the holidays for you? Did you have a wonderful elation of freedom and release or did you suffer withdrawal symptoms?
If you went through the withdrawal phase, is that because you are in education? Is there any other profession that gives you such highs and lows? Leave a comment as it may help those yet to get to their First Day of the Holiday!

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