First day nerves!

Well, here I am, in the world of Blog! Easy to get in but now have to DO something! I’ll tell you about my day.

Had the pleasure of appointing someone to their first position working with children in a mainstream school nursery. It was a nervous time for all. The candidates obviously shook with fear & trepidation of what lay ahead. Would the children do as they asked? Would they enjoy the stories they’d chosen? Would their hearts thump so loudly that the children would not be able to hear the story anyway?

What about those ‘doing the deed’. This is always such a nerve wracking thing to do. You have the power to start someone off in a new direction, sometimes set them off on their teaching career. What if you make the wrong choice? What if they can jump through all the hoops you present but on the chalk face come a cropper? What about the children? Depending on the time of the appointment, they can spend at least a year with this person. What about their parents? Will they think you’ve made the right choice? Will their angel be happy? Will they learn anything? Is that important?

Time’s up! The performers have performed, questions have been asked – decision time! Thankfully we all agreed on the successful applicant. Now we just have to ‘wait & see’. God, I hate that phrase but that may be another blog!

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  • Well done! It is daunting isn’t it? I only threw my first blog post out into the world yesterday too.
    I am also a governor but happily have only had to make one appointing decision as I usually reside on the finance and curriculum committees where I am much happier. I didn’t enjoy making a decision which would have such an impact on so many people so I really admire those of you who do!

  • Fabulous to see you here! Happy blogging x

  • Sue_bailey

    Congratulations- it’s never easy. Have interviewed Heads & Bursars but not always got it right. You never know till a year or two later whether it’s worked but good for you writing about it.

  • Congratulations! Lovely to see you here and look forward to lots more insights from your slice of the moon.


  • Oh well done sweetheart … what a wonderful first post!! I hope you made time to congratulate yourself on being such a clever clogs :o)

  • Michelle Hill

    Congratulations on your first blog post! Very impressed! x

  • Gosh, Julia, it must be interesting to see this from a governor’s point of view after your years at the helm.

    I was the ranking governor on the two panels I sat on, so got to make the phone calls afterward, both the congratulation one and the commiseration ones. That’s a weird experience for a volunteer.

    And congratulations on becoming a blogger! Sorry, but it’s de rigeur for a fellow blogger to help publicise, so I’m off to twitter right now… Looking forward to future posts.

    HUN x

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