Dreams or Nightmares?

As those of you who are regular readers here will know, I run a weekly 100 Word Challenge for children under 16 over on ‘The Head’s Office’. I have given myself the Easter week-end off but one of my schools has set up their own (just for this week!). Tom Hendley at a large primary school on the Norfolk coast set the topic of Dreams for the children to have a creative think about using just 100 words. It is their topic for Term 5. I thought it only fair that I reciprocate & enter!


The day had been manic just like the rest of the week. I couldn’t wait to get home, have some supper, a bath full of those luxury magnolia & vanilla bubbles & fall into bed.

I wondered if I would be able to sleep tonight. Every evening for the past three weeks, I have approached sleep in trepidation. I never had problems dropping off & staying asleep until the ring of the alarm. Recently though, I have tossed & turned. It is always the same dream. I am lost & in a mist. I can hear a voice but where….?

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