Do you dread new beginnings? Share them here 100wcgu #187

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Do you dread new beginnings? Share them here

This is the place to stop and think about the new year that is starting. Well, it’s a new year if you are a student or a teacher. Here in the UK, the long summer holidays are almost at an end and thoughts are turning to the autumn and hard work. 


Stopping the end

Over on my other blog ‘the Head’s Office’, I share the idea that in one way to cope with going back to school could be by banning August Bank Holiday. For those of you who are not au fait with some of our traditions, we have the odd Monday off as a bank holiday. It is a way for the working man and woman to celebrate events with a day’s pay for a holiday. As originally  banks were closed on these days and there could be no trading, they were called referred to  ‘bank holiday’. We have 8 across the year which includes Easter and Christmas Day as well as the one in August.


Other beginnings

Of course, there are lots of other new beginnings. The best example would be January 1st falling on a Monday. That would give you a new year, a new week and if you were still looking at schools, a new term.

For some, they are a fresh, blank piece of paper. They offer a challenge and the excitement of starting a new project or adventure. For others, they signal having to get used to things all over again because what is comfortable and known has come to an end. Possibly new routines and even new people.


Latest prompt

With the start of a new school year firmly fixed in my head, I thought we could explore this difference of approach. Do you dread new beginnings? How do you feel when it is a fresh start? Happy? Sad?

The prompt is….

…a blank page but what to write?…


The link will close on Monday 5th September.

If you are wondering what this is all about do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ and if you are still stuck, leave your question in the comments below.


Do you dread new beginnings? Share them here


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