Dinner with Daddy

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I was at an educational event yesterday and as it was near where my son and his family live, we arranged to get together for dinner.

My gorgeous grand daughter has always enjoyed her food and although she isn’t yet 3, she knows all the etiquette for eating in a restaurant. She choose her meal, both mains and starter and of course she was also very interested in tasting what the grown ups had.


Dinner with Daddy


She also knows that if she gets stuck, Daddy will always help out!

Have you a little one that loves to dine out?


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Dinner with Daddy


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  • Sarah Jackson

    I don’t have children. My parents always took us, from very young and constantly introduced to new fresh and interesting food, out and at home. It’s what made me a keen foodie and I’m grateful for that!

    • To sympatyczne,wyjście ,od czasu do czasu na kolację ,poza domem. W Moim dzieciństwie ,nie było czegoś takiego. Było nas czworo dzieci,pracował tylko tata, mama ,odkąd pamiętam była cora, częst leżała w szpitalu. Zmarła w wieku 50 lat ,miałam 14 lat. W życiu dorosłym ,przeważnie na wyjeżdzie ,chodziliśmy na posiłki do restauracji, ale ,wolę domowe.

  • The chips on my daddy’s plate ere always better than the ones on mine Darren!

  • My girls love to eat out, and it always tastes better

    Thank you for linking up

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