Digital Native?

I had a wonderful experience today while shopping. We always stop for a coffee to check the shopping list and gird our loins for buying expedition.

I was fascinated by the gentleman at the table next to us. He was engrossed in his ipad. He had brought paper and pen with him and was busy making notes from his scrolling. As we got up to leave, he asked hubby if he knew about 'these things'. Nick, assuming he was referring to the ipad, referred him to me!

As it turned out, he was having problems with BT. He had tried phoning but found it difficult to understand the accent of the operator so was trying to find some answers online. I must admit, it did seem incredibly confusing! He wanted to check why his bills had increased so perhaps that's why it was a nightmare to find your way around the site.

We had to say our good-byes before an answer was found but I had to ask one last question – how old are you Sir?

'I'm a youngster. I'm 89.'

So, who are the digital natives?



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