Devastating news for Children in Need (100WCGU)

Devastating news for Children in Need
Devastating news for Children in Need

Daily Telegraph’s moving tribute to Terry Wogan


January 2016 was a cruel month and I’m not referring to the weather. We have lost so many ‘famous’ people most of whom we had no idea that they were ill. Is that a feature of being in the lime light I wonder? Is your impending death something you should keep quiet and for family only?


Terry Wogan

The loss this week is that of Sir Terry Wogan, a Limerick lad who made his mark primarily in radio but who also was the presenter for the annual BBC charity appeal ‘Children in Need’ and for years hosted the Eurovision Song Contest.

His trademark was the ability to see the bright side of life and get you to smile. Thousands of mums had him in the car with them as they did the school run and commuters were delighted to have that Irish brogue passing the time on their journey. He was given an honorary knighthood in 2005 for his services to entertainment and charity work.


Pudsey bear

His passing will leave a big hole in the lives of many and it is certainly devastating news for ‘Children in Need’ which will now have to find a different front man to continue the work Wogan started in 1980 raising over £600 million in that time. For those international visitors, the mascot is Pudsey bear who usually wears a multi coloured head band.

Latest promptChallenge for Grown Ups

In honour of this giant presenter we are not going to be down hearted or sad. Rather we are going to embrace his sometimes quirky look on life. As he came from Limerick, try your hand at writing in verse. It might be fun!This week’s prompt for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is:

… There was a young man called Terry…

The linky will close on Sunday 7th February. Do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ if you are completely confused by it all!

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