Dear So and So

Today I’m nabbing a great idea that Gary at the Blog Up North pinched from Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow It’s great fun & open to anyone who wants to write the letters you always wanted to write but never dared send! The recipients can be anybody, as long as the sentiments are real. When you’ve written them, pop over to Kat’s & link up with the others & spread the love across the blogosphere!


Dear Man (who put tiny stones down our road)

It reassuring to know that you think so much of our street that you have filled in the potholes created by the winter snow. However, you should have asked your friend (the many who drives the crusher-upper) to come down after you had laid all those tiny stones. That way, my hall carpet might stay clear of bits of tar for more than a few hours.

Thank you

Domestic Goddess


Dear Shops (that sell school uniform)

The children have only just broken up for the holidays. Can you please not advertise ‘Back to School’ clothes quite so aggressively. Do you not realize that children grow over this extended time & we don’t want to be reminded of the END of the holidays already!

Thank you

Retired Headteacher who still finds it annoying!


Dear Neighbour (who owns the blue sports car)

Yes, we can see that you have a big one & that it is shiny. Can you manage to keep it parked outside your house though as it is giving my husband feelings of jealousy & inadequacy!


Her indoors

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