Crowmarsh Gifford wants more L5s!

Crowmarsh Gifford wants to increase it’s high level writing so they called up 100 Word Challenge!
Crowmarsh Gifford CE Primary School sits on the edge of Wallingford, Oxford, which for any fans of the television series Midsomer Murder, is the fictional town of Causton. It is a single entry school with a passion for writing and a determination to raise the attainment in writing across both Key Stage 1 and 2. By using 100 Word Challenge linked to blogging which provides an international audience and a purpose for writing for the young writers, staff are confident that results will soar!
Staff training
Staff from  the Wallingford Partnership had also been invited  to the training on 100 Word Challenge which is a free writing project for students under the age of 16.. I shared the philosophy of the writing challenge that is having a huge impact on children’s work across the world. We also looked at the 5 Sentence Challenge which has been developed for emerging writers.
Crowmarsh head teacher, Flora Barton, is very keen to get the school using more technology as well as social media for engaging the children so staff were keen to find out the process for linking work done by the children to

Crowmarsh Gifford CE School

Networking time!

5 Sentence Challenge
5 Sentence Challenge

Boats for 5SC

The following day, I visited each class and introduced the relevant prompt to model for teachers how to get the best out of the word challenges. Children in reception and Class 1 showed a good deal of knowledge about sailing as well as great observation skills working on the Boats prompt for Prompt #7 on 5SC.
100 word Challenge
The other classes all tackled the latest prompt for 100 word Challenge which was a photo created by Crowmarsh Giffordthe amazing Jane Hewitt who has produced a wonderful classroom resource ‘Learning through a lens’.
As you can see it is a cup cake with two men on it but with some persuasion, the children wrote about volcanoes, mines, aliens, deforestation and even an underwater adventure!
You can see some of their efforts together with many from students across the world at Week#1
I had a wonderful time at Crowmarsh Gifford School and saw some very interesting things (see below!) as well as worked with some talented staff and enthusiastic children.  I’m so excited to be part of their journey into 100 Word Challenge and blogging. I know that their writing will become even better and look forward to reading some of their entries in the future.
Chickens coming to school

Chickens coming to school

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