This short and light-hearted post comes from a prompt on Twitter. The tweet said ‘Sometimes I think that schools invent ‘things’ just to keep the competitive mummies busy. Harvest Festival on Friday *sigh* (@MostlyYummy)
It got me picturing school staff sitting in the staff room racking their brains for another ‘competition’ to occupy these yummy mummies..
Let’s see:

  • World Book Day – create a costume as a character (Mary Quant)
  • World Poetry Day – as above but different(Gok Wan)
  • Bring a cake on a plate – chance to test your Jamie/Delia/ Nigella skills
  • Transport of the Future Day – one for the dads – design the next Lorean (Top Gear lads)

And many, many more. The crowning glory is of course Sport Day (see here) which, like the Olympics, must need lots of preparation both for kit and performance.
I do wonder though, does that competitive spirit translate into interest in their children’s learning?
What competitions do you think we should be ‘inventing’ to get parents engaged?

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