Close shave

This is a new thing at Jenny’s called Saturday Centus.  On Saturday she gives a prompt (in bold) and then we have 100 words or less to complete the piece.  We have all week to do it and then link up at any time. Do pop over as there are some fab pieces & they only take a minute to read!


I look back over my shoulder, squinting into the late afternoon sun, gawking with stunned alarm at the broad rolling muddy waters of the Mississippi.

‘Stop!’ cried the voice in my head.

What sort of beginning was this for a novel for goodness sake! What do your readers expect? Think about it! Not some sort of Indianna Jones epic for certain. They are used to a gentle, creative style that depicts England with its rolling hills; its Romantic poets; its Shakespeare. After all, you have set out to be the author of a modern day Miss Marple. Remember her? Small villages with gossipy people knowing everyone’s business. So what’s with the USA theme all of a sudden?

I shook my head & the picture  vanished!

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