Children's Showcase for 100WC

The 100 Word Challenge has exploded! There are on average 800+ entries each week.
Many class teachers share the entries with their pupils to show models of good writing or just amaze in the talent that is out there. Those of you who know will know that there is a weekly showcase. This is a selection of posts that Team 100 think are worth a second visit. They are chosen because they are a little different. This means that it is not always THE BEST pieces that are chosen but sometimes those quirky ones.
A teacher contacted me last week to tell me that her class loved one particular entry and could it go on the the showcase. That got me thinking! Why not have a children’s showcase? This would encourage children to visit each other’s posts, learn how to comment constructively and celebrate the wonderful work that is being shared.
The Rules:

  • The chosen post must come from a different school
  • A comment must be left on the post with the class name, school name and location (or whatever details you can leave if you have restrictions)
  • The class teacher emails me with the number of the post as it is on the list with the hyper link. Example – Post 10 Lucas Shenfield St Mary’s
  • I will create a children’s showcase badge that those selected can put on their blog
  • The showcase will be published the following week in the same way as Team100’s is.

It is very important that the class teacher has seen the post and comment and is happy for it to be showcased. Please do not leave this to the children to do without any moderation.
The first Children’s Showcase will be published the week beginning 25th November with posts from Week#12 .
Do let me know your thoughts!

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  • I love the idea but would also struggle in terms of time. To be able to read, write a quality piece of writing and leave comments (including me moderating these) would take a lot of time for 7-9 year olds. I will give it a go though!

  • Hi Julia,
    I love the idea of this challenge. Is there a way that the kids can see the posts without being able to click on the link or comment on their own. I always view the site with my kids and there is no way I will have time during our class to view enough posts to be fair. So I envision the viewing to be a homework activity before narrowing our choice.

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