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Keeping fit

We all hope to keep healthy  but as the years go by, the aches and pains indicate that may not be so. Checking your fitness may help send some warning signs so that you can do something about it before it is too late.

Over on the Huffington Post they have put together 4 tests that you can try to give you some idea of how near to stopping you really are. I’ve chosen 2 of them that require nothing but you and a chair:

1. The Simple Balance Test

 This test is recommended to assess your risk for falls as you get older.

Stand up straight with your arms crossed. Lift up either leg, starting a timer as you do so, and hold that leg up — with your knee bent — for as long as you can without touching the other leg or uncrossing your arms. Don’t use a support. Stop the timer when the raised leg touches the floor or the other leg, or if you uncross your arms or move your arms out of position.

The average person in their 60s, 70s and 80s should be able to hold this position for around  27 seconds, 17.2 seconds and 8.5 seconds, respectively


2. The Timed Up-And-Go Test

This test is frequently used to assess your mobility and risk of falls.

Sit in a chair. Start a timer as you start to stand up. As soon as you’re up on your feet, walk 10 feet forward, turn around and return to your seat, stopping the timer as soon as you are seated.

A healthy adult without mobility issues should be able to do this in under 10 seconds.

So how did you do? Do go and read the other 2 tests if you are interested by clicking HERE.

Do you think you should  regularly be checking your fitness? If so, what is the best method for you?

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