Brother of the Bride

Dinner with Daddy

My Sunday Photo

Usually it is the bride that gets all the attention at a wedding but at the wedding of my husband’s niece yesterday, it was the brother of the bride that got some attention.

The footman

He has always had a reputation for flamboyance. When his father spoke to hubby earlier in the week he did mentioned that John was going to be ‘bright’.

Brother of the bride


The waistcoat was heavily embroidered in gold and the trousers of the same colour had a lovely sheen to them. It was laced at the back. Yes – laced just like a corset.

Here you can see it before you gaze at the family around the table after the ceremony.


Brother of the bride


I think it was a lovely gesture. After all he couldn’t have been a page boy could he!

The happy couple

I know you will all want to see the happy couple!

Here they are and we send them our very best wishes for a wonderful future together!

Brother of the bride


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