Brexit and the Bayeux tapestry. Is there a connection?

Brexit & the Bayeux tapestry

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The decision the UK made on 23rd June 2016 seems to have upset the French. Back in 1066 they weren’t happy either. We’ve just come back from a short visit to Normandy and having seen that wonderful work of art yet again, I’ve been thinking about Brexit and the Bayeux tapestry and if there is a connection?


A broken promise

It was an apparent broken promise that brought William over with his army to claim what he rightfully saw as his crown. I say apparent because depending on which side of the English channel you live will  your interpretation of the story may be different. England’s previous king, Edward the Confessor had no heirs but he seems to have indicated both to  Harold Godwinson, an English noble and William the throne on his death. The beginning of the tapestry depicts Harold’s journey to get the French earl where he is captured before reaching William.  The Frenchman, seeing an opportunity to secure his future, offers to save Harold providing he swears allegiance to William as the rightful king to replace Edward.

However, when the time came and Edward died, Harold was crowned and it is this betrayal that so angered the French and led to the Battle of Hastings. The story is retold in a magnificent tapestry which is as bright today as the day it was sewn and in my opinion, should be on every English person’s bucket list!


 Brexit and the Bayeux tapestry

(These are not photos of THE tapestry obviously but from the exhibition)

The referendum

Almost 950 years after the story above, the French government feel that we have let them down again. It was assumed that the result of the referendum in June would be for the UK to remain in the EU. As we know, that was not the case and we are all going to have to deal with it.

I don’t think another invasion is likely though! In our recent visit to Normandy, the French public didn’t seem to be bothered about it and we didn’t feel obliged to wear a ‘we voted to remain’ badge! However, like 1066 there will be changes to our way of life I’m sure. They may just be a little more subtle.


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