Who in the Coalition government has the title of ‘Minster to really piss people off make people cross on the Roads’? There must be one because every Government has this position.

The job description would read:–To have a commitment to increase the production of red & white conical shapes

Essential criteria would include: – the skill of complete disregard for the convenience of the travelling public particularly drivers & among the desirable qualities would be an innate pleasure at creating distress in others!

They are clearly very experienced in most of these areas but have seen the need for more practice. This means they erect signs warning of ‘Road Works’. They then proceed to reduce a dual carriage way to a single lane with the dreaded bollards & signs of speed restrictions of 30mph.

It would be possible to under-estimate the skill of the present incumbent of this post were it not for the fact that these arrangements go on for at least 5 miles with no sign of any works of any sort!!

Let’s hope the recession causes a shortage of plastic so that these damn bollards are not available & said Minister has to find something else to do!!

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