Blogging friends

Why do we blog?

Why do we blog? For some it is to make some money. For others it is to share knowledge and expertise. For others it is to make blogging friends.

My path


I fall into this last category. I came to blogging after a really tough time when I had finished a career in teaching and was at a loss to fill the void. I didn’t really know what it was going to be like and didn’t start with any sort of a plan. I had found the medium via twitter and ‘mummy bloggers’. That is such a disparaging term as many of them are wonderful writers whilst other are impressive entrepreneurs.


My blog


When this blog was first set up it was called ‘What will Julia do next?’ It was a geniune question that I hoped my blog would help to answer. The things I shared and wrote about were personal accounts of visits or happenings usually showing of hubby’s wonderful photographs. I discovered memes which are weekly lists really where the owner of the sight sets a theme and other bloggers can link their posts. It helps get more readers and you can discovered some great blogs that way.


Meet Gilly


I’m not sure when Gilly became a reader. She has a fabulous blog which she tells me was for her writing. It turns out, she is a fabulous photographer too so by combining them her blog Lucid GypsyΒ is a wondrous place to visit.

We finally met in the flesh so to speak this week-end when I was down in her neck of the woods. It was fabulous to chat and find out more about each other. Even though this was our first ‘real-time’ meeting, I felt as if I had known her for a long time. We have shared sadness, joy and sorrow on our blogs and I think that is what makes blogging friends so special.

blogging friends


Are you a blogger & have you ever met one of your readers?

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  • Hello, I’m a newbie at blogging. I’m not even sure why I started except to keep me busy and I do enjoy writing, photography and art which all appear to be good blogging items. I’ve been rummaging around the internet looking at blogs and what people blog about and it’s a jungle. One thing I have noticed, there seems to be a shortage of men blogging. Well, It’s still early days for me but I’m enjoying it very much.

    • Welcome to a great world Trev. I’m very flattered that you visit here and well done you for getting into the bloggesphere. There are some great blogs run by men & I’m sure you will be an ideal candidate to join them!

  • I’ve also met fellow bloggers. It has always been positive. i have asked the ‘why blog’ question a number of times, usually as a reaction to WordPress which seems to think all our blogging goals are to do with increasing numbers of readers. Quality not quantity I say, though I have a large number of followers and daily hits that never ceases to amaze me. I blog to keep a sort of onl;ine interactive diary. Blogging and the blogging community has proved extremely supportive at difficult times, particularly when my mother was dying. When I first blogged, I didn’t really expect anyone to read what I wrote, now I value readers comments and look to the blogging community for criticism, support and friendship as I do to people in the rael world.

  • Julia I think you found me and used my photo for a 100 word challenge!

  • Yes, I have met two wonderful lady bloggers and thoroughly enjoyed talking to them.

  • Hello! I started another blog when we were going through our son’s adoption process and through that blog, we were able to meet up with some families who had also adopted from the same country. Blogging is a great way to connect with people who share similar backgrounds, endeavors, and interests.

  • Morning, Julia πŸ™‚ Nice to meet you!
    Yes, in my 4 years of blogging (where does the time go???) I’ve met a few blogging friends and I’ve loved every meeting. I’ve always set out with butterflies in my tummy and worried they might not like me ‘in the flesh’, but it’s been great.

  • Much like you, I was just wandering around the Internet aimlessly, and happened upon blogging as an iseal alternative to bitching at everyone. LOL! A blog to me, is a place where you can freely voice your opinion and see other points of view as well. I put pictures up too. Who doesn’t? I like finding wise quotes, writing poems, current events. I’m the theatrical type (doesn’t mean I’m Gay), so I like to throw in a few jabs and ham it up somewhat, to keep the general tone of my blog up-beat. Am I talking too much? LOL!

  • Pondside

    Yes, Julia, I have met a number of my readers here in Canada and in Europe and Argentina. Believe me, the experiences really added to those trips. I remember the early days if your blog and that early title. You and I were born in the same year and share many similar memories and face similar questions about the future. I love the writing aspect of blogging as much as the connecting aspect – indeed, it’s the latter that has helped me through some difficult times in the past 10 months…..just being able to ‘check out’ and read about what others have been up to.
    I hope you blog for a long time to come!

  • Hello there
    I started blogging to keep my stateside family in touch with all I’m doing it not as the case may be.
    I used to be a teaching assistant but spinal surgery put an end to that.
    I had great intentions of writing daily but that faded but today I have done my first post in ages so as I move and start a new chapter let’s hope I keep writing

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