Back to the future – where to?

Back to the future

Here in the UK we are  celebrating Back to the Future Day. In the film Back to the Future II they went to Oct 21st 2015 and the Day from what I can gather, is an homage to the films starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd back in the late 1980s. I have seen articles concentrating on what the films got right and where they failed miserably. However, a question on Face Book has got me thinking. The question was – Back to the future – where would you go?

So, where would you go?

The Late ’60s!

Having been born in 1952 I was a teenager from the middle of the sixties and I know they say if you can remember them you weren’t there – well I disagree! It was a great time.

Sargent Peppers

The music was wonderful with not only the Beatles but the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Tom Jones and too many others to list. If you fancy a stroll down memory lane have a look at the top 100 in 1965 . The first album I bought was Sargent Pepper and my father just couldn’t understand it!

Fashion was crazy. Basically, whatever length you liked was in. Of course most of the headlines were taken up by mini skirts but there were plenty of other creations to choose from. Remember hot pants?! As a tubby teenager,  I made my own clothes as those in the chain shops like C & A just never fitted.

School was interesting. I’d failed my ’11+’ at the end on my primary school and was devastated not to be going to the grammar school where they wore boaters and gloves! However, going to the secondary modern school suited me much better. I would have struggled academically at the grammar but where I ended up meant I was at the top of the class for the whole of my time there. This gave me some much needed confidence which worked as I was head girl!!Mrs Peachum

Social life was hectic. I was a keen member of a very active youth club that had a choir. I played netball and of course fell in love at least once a month! One object of my desire was the music teacher. He was tall, dark and handsome and persuaded me that I would make a wonderful Mrs Peachum in john Gay’s ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ that he had chosen as the school performance.

What you do for love!!

So there you have it. Not a year or a decade really but a really ‘fab and groovy’ time!

What time would you go back to?

Feature post photo credit: Psychedelic dreams 26/366 via photopin (license)

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