B-Safe B-Scene

I’ve been contacted by those great folks over at ‘Kids One Stop Shop’ ( those of you who went to Cyber Mummy will remember their great stand and those really useful basket weave bags !).

They want some help to promote an innovative safety clothing brand for children, that focuses on keeping children safe at night. Their clothing is interwoven with reflective fibres, which means that the coats are ‘high-visibility’, so that children can be seen more easily by drivers. The really novel thing to me is that they don’t look high-vis – they’re not bright yellow! Have a look at these clips and make sure you click to see them in darkness and daylight

B-Scene- Boys    B- Scene – girls

The brand is called B-Scene and their motto is “Be-Safe, Be-Scene” .

Now you know I don’t usually DO this sort of thing (especially when I’m not being paid 😉 ) but I think these coats are great! At the moment they are at a reduced price too so get over  to Kids One Stop Shop to get your discount code and grab yourself a bargain!

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  • For some reason I couldn’t leave a comment on your Baby Bauble post. Hmmm….that word doesn’t look right.

    I love the patina on that ornament. I suspect it would have a lot of wonderful tales to tell about Christmases past.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely insights for Alphabe-Thursday.

    Sending many warm wishes your way for a 2012 filled with creativity, joy and beautiful times!

  • Can I ask how you handle requests for reviews (like this one)? Do you take donations or ??? I’ve started receiving quite a few requests and have no idea how to respond.

    Thanks, Julia!

  • Fantastic idea! I don’t know how many close calls I have had with kids in black clothes on the road. Bravo!

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