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100 word challenge for grown ups

Our weekly writing prompt 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups this week gives me a chance to share some fun photos from our recent visit to France. I admit that it is a bit of a stretch but ! like them!

Is it art?

Have you ever noticed the roundabouts you use as you drive around the towns and countryside? I know I haven’t but I think I will now. While we were away I was struck by how creative the French are with these road calming systems. Some were so intricate that you wonder whether the budget that provided them would have come from transport or the arts!


Going round in circles

Life can be very frustrating at times. We can spend time haring about all over the place but never get anywhere.  The phrase ‘going round in circles’ can also be applied to a conversation that just never gets to the point. 

I did say it was a bit of a stretch to go from Roundabouts to our writing prompt this week but here it is:

…I spent the day going round in circles…


The linky will close on Sunday 14th August. 

If you are unsure what to do, have a read of ‘What is 100WCGU?’ or leave your question in the comments below.

Before you start though, do have a listen to Billy Ocean and get those feet tapping. Who knows, it might help you go in a straight line!



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