An Afternoon in London

* there is one major spelling mistake but I’m leaving it because it has made folks smile!

A Wednesday adventure with a difference last week! I had to go to London for a meeting which was in the East of the city. Usually when we visit, we go to Paddington / Charing Cross so being in the area of Kings Cross and St Pancreas was a new experience for me. We didn’t have much time after my meeting but we did get to the British Museum and had a chance to look at these new stations, both of which have been given a make-over.

First the library. It is mainly reading rooms surrounding an atruim but the central ‘book case’ is very impressive as it goes from floor to ceiling through 3 levels.

There were lots of folks with books, various electronic devices and food (!) on the walkways. I was surprised about the food but there are a couple of eateries in the building as well as one outside keeping Isaac Newton company!

From the library, we made our way to St Pancreas station. This is now an international station as the Eurostar trains leave from here so the make-over was more than getting rid of the ravages of the steam era. Not only does it have a pretty amazing roof, there are several interesting sculptures on the upper concourse.

John Betjeman, who is credited with saving the station from demolition in the 1960’s, is immortalized by Martin Jennings looking skywards perhaps towards that roof!

You breath is taken away however by   Paul Day‘s sculpture ‘Meeting Place’. It is a 30ft sculpture of a couple embracing in the tradition of ‘Brief Encounter’ and so it’s place is obviously beneath the reconstructed Dent clock. The embrace is stunning but the frieze that goes around the base is extraordinary. My pictures can’t do it justice as in order to see the full beauty of this art through a lens, you have to be the other side of the screen which means you have to be travelling on Eurostar!


 Do watch this short clip that hopefully will encourage you to take a visit here if not a train when you are next in London!


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