Amazing heels & astonishing hats make a wonderful summer wedding!

This summer wedding wasn’t one of those small, quiet affairs.

There was a Welsh male voice choir for a start and lots of large rugby fanatics, all of whom had voices to match their size.

The picture book church nestled in a Herefordshire village and the reception was in a field next to mum and dad’s back garden.

At the centre of it all, was a young couple  who clearly love each other who had gathered friends and family to share the beginning of what  I’m  sure will be a great marriage.

So, we had all the ingredients for a wonderful summer wedding and even the sun came out!

As I think about the day, the things that jump out are the flowers and smiles. The flowers of white roses and gypsophila seemed to be everywhere. In the church, in bouquets, on the tables and even round the doors of the house.


Summer wedding


The service was very special and although the church was packed, it felt very intimate and personal. Readings from Les Miserables and Bob Marley joined St Luke’s letter to the Corinthians and were read beautifully by friends of the couple. It takes some bravery to walk in heels across a tiled floor in front of lots of people.


Summer wedding


Organic confetti


As we left the church a guard of ushers gave us a small cone containing what looked like breakfast cereal but was organic confetti that we showered the couple with as they ran to a very swish Morgan car to take them to their reception.



Summer wedding


The congregation had come from across the world and across the country so car parking was essential both at the church and the reception. A field by the church, then the farmer next door to the bride’s parents, made sure guests weren’t driving round and round to park. A rush matting walkway, that would be lit as evening drew in, led us to the reception area and guests really knew that this was a country wedding!


Sign posts announced fizz, pimms and nibbles in the garden and although our hosts had expressed concerns that 200 people may not fit it was fine. Some heels were exchanged for flats whilst other just went bare foot!

As we mingled, Café Olé , a band playing a variety of Latino music, provided a soft background to the chatter and greetings  as people got to know each other. Many of the youngsters were friends and

Summer wedding

shared their delight that a couple from their group had tied the knot. The happy pair are keen travellers and it looks like even more places are to be crossed off while they honeymoon on a boat around the Caribean


Summer wedding


The reception was held in a marquee next to the garden. The flowers were continued of course and we found our seats by finding a pair of sunglasses with our names on which had the table name. These were groups of animals – sheep, pigs and cattle. Well, we were in the middle of farming country!


Summer wedding

Summer wedding
Nick and I were ‘Tamworths’ which if you didn’t know are mighty fine pigs!

Our table setting had a test-tube  with a question inside. This novel ice-breaker was the idea of Bread and Jam, a company that supplies quirky gifts.



The time flew by. We made new friends and met up with some old ones. Nick and the bride’s father went to school together and although we get together often, his sister  from Canada is not a frequent visitor so it was great to get the gang together, reminiscing about days gone by.


Summer wedding


A wedding is a joyous occasion. It brings people together who share the wellbeing of two people. It is a chance to stop, smile and look forward to the future.

Here’s wishing the new Mr and Mrs every happiness!


Summer wedding

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