13 Challenges #6/2 – Chester

We like Chester. It is one of our favourite visits when we are in the north of the UK. Mind, for some Chester would not be considered North, but you know what I mean!
It is a town of black and white gabled buildings that make you think of Tudor times although they were restored during the Victorian era. The clock tower that proudly stands on the bridge across the main shopping area is very majestic. Chester has  the remains of an amiptheatre constructed by the Romans and has one of the best preserved walls that goes right round the city. It is a wonderful walk, imagining all those legionnaires who went before you.
I wonder what they would make of the racecourse ‘The Rodee’ which hosts flat racing? There are some very grand outfits to be seen when there is an evening meeting!
Our visit this time was a very short one but we were still able to catch a photo of the decorations. The other photos are from previous visits to give you a flavour of the city.

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