What is this 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups?

100 word challenge for grown ups

Some visitors do not know about 100 Word Challenge for Grown ups!


Are you a frustrated writer?

Is there a novel inside you trying to see the light of day?

Do you dread the blank page and the thought of 1000s of words?

Would you like some constructive feedback on your creative efforts?

 Well, a little bit of help is at hand. I am pleased to share the

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups!


Following the great success of the ‘100 Word Challenge’ which is a weekly creative challenge for children under 16 years, this is a chance for grownups to show their skills.

It is an opportunity to concentrate your writing into a tight word count but still make it creative. Each week a prompt of words or a picture will be given. You then have an additional 100 words to compose a creative piece of writing. We may explore particular genres or even reduce the word count!


The prompt

Yesterday was a day when I was all fingers and thumbs. I was breaking up a jig saw and many of the pieces ended up on the floor. The saucepan containing the potatoes suddenly came to the boil and went all over the stove. The prompt is:

….why does the world fight back when….

There are 6 words in the prompt so your piece must be 106 words in length – no more, no less ( or as near as you can get!).

Please link your pieces below and do try to visit other entries. Share on your blogs, twitter and Facebook using #100wcgu

The link will close on 17th October

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