100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#5

For those of you who are new here – welcome. This is a weekly creative writing challenge for adults. You are given a prompt either of words or a picture and can use an additional 100 words to share a piece of writing.
Setting the prompt in the form of individual words was supposed to be a challenge but as you can see, there are some amazing interpretations for Week #4. Please visit and comment. They are only 105 words long so don’t take long. Constructive criticism is what leads to improvement in writing.
Now before I give you the prompt for this week, I am looking over my glasses with a special ‘Head Teacher’ look! You know the sort, the one that sends shivers down your spine!! (Only joking!)
However, some of you had to have slapped legs last week because you cheated!! You added extra bits to the words you had been given. That is not allowed! The prompt must be used as given.
So now that you have been reprimanded let’s look at this week’s prompt. I have gone for another picture. I will tell you about it in next week’s summary. Here it is:
Anthony Gormley - Close V
Please use it as you see fit – whether a direct link or something that it inspires in you. As usual, you have 100 words ONLY to write a creative piece. I think we will have some stunning entries!
If you would like me to publish your entry please email it to me as an attachment. For some reason, copying from the email does not work and I have to re-write it. Normally that is not a problem but I’m on holiday from Wednesday for a few days and whilst I have access to the blog etc it would make it easier if it is an attachment.
Please advertise the challenge this week as I will be away. It is wonderful to see so many people joining in!

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