100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#46

I did not make myself clear with the prompt last week. I had intended that you wrote in the style of a newspaper as I had given you a headline. I don’t think any of you (apart from me) did that but it was very interesting to see Isobel’s instructions for article writing ( see ‘Nightmare caused by misunderstanding’). I shall tuck it away and use it another time.

A word of apology. I have been commenting on some of your posts but was at school being distracted so some of the spelling is awful!!

Very straight forward prompt this week:

… in the dark recess of my mind ..

As usual you have 100 words to add to these 7 making 107 altogether. Make sure you keep the prompt as it is, please put a link back to here so that others can read all the posts and make sure it would be suitable for a PG certificate.

The link will stay open until 25th June.

Completely confused? Have a read of ‘What is 100WCGU?’ If that doesn’t help then get in touch either through the comments below, twitter or email.

Click here to enter your link which will take you to another page. I will transfer them back here as soon as possible.

  1. Midlife Singlemum
  2. Crazy Dreams
  3. Two Potions
  4. Schadenfreude 
  5. Claire Fuller’s Writing Blog
  6. Turmoil
  7. Duplicitous Recess
  8. Twins 
  9. Confronting the Darkness
  10. Cunning Plan
  11. NAN
  12. The Listener
  13. The Trunk
  14. Dark but oh so clean & tidy
  15. The Protected
  16. It isn’t too late. You can change
  17. Duality
  18. Diabetic Redemption
  19. Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover
  20. Donny’s Delight
  21. Uh,Oh forgiveness do over?
  22. A Wild Ride
  23. Is There Hope?
  24. Electric Recess
  25. In Just Two Weeks
  26. The successful Life
  27. Living, Libraries & Languages
  28. PVS
  29. In the Dark Recess of My Mind
  30. Susan Writes Precise
  31. Limebird Writers
  32. Caught Writing
  33. Dark Fruit
  34. True Self
  35. In the Dark Recess of my Mind
  36. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  37. Guilty as Charged

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