100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#32

Those of you who are not members of Team100WC (why not I ask?:) ) will not know about our sad occurrence last week. As you will remember, the children who write on 100WC.net had the same prompt and unfortunately one of them decided to engage in some plagiarism. He copied almost exactly one of the post linked here. Unknowingly, I had selected it as the Special Showcase for that week!  It left a very sour taste in my mouth and understandably upset the grown up author. I took the post down and contacted the school. I will write a post for teachers to read so that they are aware of it and can look out for it.

Following last week’s topical slant and as it is a Leap year, this week the prompt is:

…Take a Leap of Faith….

Like, last week, you don’t have to include those words in the piece. If you get to write it before midnight on Feb 29th, you may like to put a reminder for yourself to post it on Feb.29th .net as well. It is set to be the biggest blogging event of the year so don’t miss out on getting involved! You can only post on that day – 29th Feb though!

This link will close at midnight on 5th March. If you are completely confused by all this but would like to find out what it is all about, read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ which should make things a little clearer!

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list. Do let me know when you have posted so that I can move your entry to the front page! Twitter is the easiest if you can @jfb57 !

  1. Into the Void
  2. A Leap of Blogging Faith – Blog up North
  3. Faster Than Light
  4. Hope in a Sklortch
  5. Those First Steps
  6. Take a Leap of Faith
  7. Romance & All That Jazz
  8. Leap of Faith
  9. Take a Leap of Faith
  10. Anglers Rest 
  11. Take a Leap of Faith
  12. Against All Odds
  13. Taking a Leap of Faith
  14. The Leap of Faith
  15. To Buy or Not To Buy
  16. Leap Where?
  17. Little Bird
  18. Hold your Breath
  19. Lucid Gypsy
  20. A Recipe from Five Fs Blog
  21. Taking a Chance
  22. Midlife Single Mum
  23. Go For It & Don’t Look Back!
  24. Take a Leap of Faith
  25. Take a Leap of Faith
  26. Middleaged Matron Takes a Leap
  27. Into the Clouds
  28. She Leapt – writuit
  29. A Leap of Faith on Leap Day
  30. A Leap of Faith
  31. Clear Space
  32. Take a Leap of Faith
  33. Dancing in the Rain
  34. He took a leap of faith
  35. Switch Off
  36. Sports Day
  37. Limebirds – Take a Leap of Faith
  38. Butterflies -cjspalace
  39. Trust Me
  40. Diabetic Redemption
  41. Armour
  42. A Leap of Faith
  43. Proposal
  44. Matthew 4:6
  45. Pen ‘n’ Tonic
  46. Smashed
  47. The Scribbles
  48. Fragments from Fireflyphil!

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