100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#3

There were some really striking pieces for Week#2 100WCGU with the picture prompt. We had the Beatles, naughty children, broken relationships among others. It is wonderful how the imagination of individuals just see the same picture but interpret it completely differently. Do go and read them if you haven’t already.
Now, before giving you this week’s prompt can I explain the rules and stuff?
Firstly, please visit each other’s work and leave constructive comments to help further develop the writing. Some of you do not seem to have the facility on you blog for commenting. Could you look into that? It would be such a shame to miss out on good feed back.
When you post, can you please link back here either with a hyperlink of the URL or you can use the badge (go to the tab at the top of this page). By linking readers are able to visit all the entries and not just yours. (If this is all goobledy-gook leave me a comment & I’ll explain!)
So to this week’s prompt. I was going to set you a few isolated words that have to be included in your work but recent events put this phrase in my head so your prompt is:

…their cries were heard…

You can put the prompt anywhere in the piece as long as it is used as written and you only add 100 words.
The link will be open until midnight on Monday 1st August.
If you are new here (where have you been!;) this is a weekly challenge to encourage those of you who want to improve your writing and give it to a wider audience. You use the prompt plus 100 words and link back here for feedback. Any questions just leave a comment, tweet me or send an email!

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