100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#170


Is it me or have the flowers suddenly woken up? There are blossom and blooms everywhere – it is lovely to see.

I’m going to use this for the prompt this week and it is :

…the scent was overpowering…

Of course, your writing does not have to be anything to do with flowers! You use the prompt and take it where you want as always. The link will close on Sunday 15th March

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  1. Mrs Teepot
  2. The stench
  3. Smelled like death & cheap perfume
  4. morepethroad
  5. Scent of regret
  6. Smoke
  7. Scent of spring
  8. The scent
  9. Nick & Anna (pt.2)
  10. Roman Oils
  11. Overpowering
  12. Roses by Kate Loveton
  13. The scent was overpowering
  14. Come on Jasmine!

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