100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #8

Apologies for not getting sorted with an entry myself for Week #7. A family drama and an over busy schedule left me without enough time. However, you didn’t need one from me because those that were linked were amazing. I had worried that the ancient words would cause a problem but there were some fantastic takes on the prompt! If you have not read them all, click HERE.
For this week, the oncoming end of summer and the possible return to school or at least normal life has led me to this prompt:

…the alarm went off…

As usual, you can use the prompt anywhere in your writing together with just 100 words. For those of you who are newbie – this challenge is intended to focus you on your writing and for some of you, hopefully kick start larger projects. Link your piece below. If you don’t have a blog, email / tweet me and I’ll organise it for you.

Do try to visit all the posts. Some people don’t get to the challenge until later in the week and often miss out on visitors. It really does help if you can offer constructive advice!

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