100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #57

Well, the holiday is over, the Olympics have gone and the Queen is starting another year of her reign! Back to normal folks!

The prompt for this week is:

… returning to the routine,,,

As usual, you have 100 words to add to the 4 above making 104 in total. Please keep it suitable for a PG certificate and do go and visit other posts to share the creativity. If you are new here (where have you been?!) do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ which may help. If not leave a comment below or tweet me @jfb57.

If you enjoy this weekly caper, do consider helping the youngsters who started it all please and read ‘Can You Spare an Hour?’

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  1. Part 10 – We Die?
  2. Random Interruptions 
  3. Randy Maize @thewritersvillage 
  4. Secret Gratification 
  5. September
  6. Mrs Teepot
  7. Revenge
  8. A Singles Routine Again
  9. …returning to the routine …
  10. 9/11
  11. Returning to the Routine
  12. Summer’s End
  13. Small Things – ablodog.com
  14. Weak Spot
  15. Lynne Furkin
  16. Living, Libraries & (Dead) Languages
  17. Far Away – a short prequel to Entanglement
  18. Returning to the Run On
  19. Craig Towsley
  20. Monday Morning Madness
  21. Those Putrid Sunny Days
  22. Smile to the Wardrobe
  23. The Cat
  24. Penniless Paperback Writer
  25. Words and Pictures
  26. Monochrome
  27. Returning
  28. Limebird Writers
  29. It’s the One Thing That Won’t Change
  30. Picking Up the Pieces
  31. Time, Time, Time
  32. mummy lion *winks*
  33. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  34. Hope in you

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