100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #37

Last week we started with a plea from someone who was having problems commenting. Here is a response
As a blogspotter I am sorry to read the WordPress comment appeal.  However, you are not alone!
The problems of commenting are universal! I find it almost impossible to comment on WordPress blogs. Time and time again when I press ‘publish’  my comment disappears without trace or is instantly binned as spam.  SO frustrating do I find this, that I have almost given up either commenting or trying to enter WordPress based challenges – ie the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, on which I am UNABLE to post my link. This is a shame.  It has also posed a problem on the school 100WC. My comments are only recognised if a comment I have left is fished out of the spam bin and ‘instated’ in the comments column. Thereafter, generally, I have been ‘recognised’ on that particular blog and my comments ‘allowed’ to appear.
I don’t know how to overcome this problem – people don’t look in their spam bins and are unaware that someone has tried to leave a comment.. Sometimes I leave comments via Facebook, but it’s annoying that leaving a comment isn’t a simple business.
I wish Blogspot and WordPress would talk to each other and sort this out. I have left comments on the Blogspot forum, and beg WordPress users to do likewise (you are missing out on lots of comments at the moment!), or send an email to WordPress if you are lucky enough to have contact details.
There seem to have been a lot of additional problems commenting recently. WHAT IS GOING ON?!
I thoroughly enjoyed all your Alice adventures as I have at last got back into my commenting groove. Some of you had read the instructions that included a hint for this week.Others did not and will find this week – well fun!
The prompt this week is to go back to last week’s entries. You are to use the last 10 words of the post next to yours and using just 100 words create a story. It may be a follow-on from the previous one or you may like to take it in a different direction. So:
  1. You find your entry HERE
  2. You go to the next entry (if you were 6 you go to 7 etc)
  3. Using the last ten words as the prompt you write your piece. The prompt can be anywhere in the piece but must be complete as it was in the original.
  4. If you didn’t take part last week, choose any entry to use the last 10 words from.

The link will stay open for two weeks and will close on 16th April. As you have more time, if you would like to do more than one piece feel free to choose another entry to do.

If you are new here read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ Hopefully it will answer any questions but do get in touch if you need some answers.

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list. I will transfer it back to this page as soon as possible.

  1. Breathe
  2. Welcome back Old Friend
  3. Being Dumped
  4. Alice Returns (2) -ablogdog
  5. A Sly Grin
  6. Lost in the Mist
  7. Autumn Returns to Earth 
  8. Such Wonderous Adventures
  9. Mrs Teepot
  10. Time to Forgive
  11. …a rustling of leaves
  12. Devil’s Advocate
  13. Growing Table – Lucid Gypsy 
  14. Alice’s Land of Wonder
  15. The Nightmare Continues & Movie Date
  16. Someone Else’s Last Words
  17. It’s Not Alright
  18. The Nursery Blinds
  19. Finally
  20.  Fluffy Tabby Kittens
  21. Easter Emergency – ablogdog
  22. Susan K Mann
  23. Limebird Writers
  24. Lost Treasures
  25. Scent to Hell
  26. Harry Potter Again
  27. Alice and the King
  28. Handsome & Tall
  29. Alice Has a Surprise
  30. Adventure
  31. Is it Harry who is falling now? 
  32. Daddy’s Girl
  33. The Follies of Dainty-Dilly-Dallyiness
  34. Fragments from Fireflyphil

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