100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #36

Important Appeal from one of your readers!

I don’t know if there’s any way to post a message that everyone can see but for all the blogspot people, it’s very hard for those of us who aren’t members of blogspot to ever get to post a comment. If the word matching is turned on, it never thinks you’ve matched and sometimes when it’s not the comment just hangs up while it blinks back and forth to the word matching but never posts… I note from comments that I’m not alone. Definitely helps when people turn off the word match but maybe blogspot needs a heads up?

Hope you can help!

Now for this week’s prompt. As you know I like to be topical so I’m thinking Easter. However, I’m thinking a little outside the box! The prompt is quite simple but the trick this week is to prepare for NEXT week!

I want you to write a piece with

….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice…..

in it. You have 100 words making a total of 108. However, the last 10 words are going to be used to start a piece by someone else next week!! Good eh! The idea isn’t mine – it came from Winchester House School

If you have stumbled blindly here and are wondering what on earth this is all about, have a look at ‘What is 100WCGU?’ and hopefully it will be clearer. If not do get in touch either via the comments below, email or twitter (@jfb57)

The link will be open until midnight on 2nd April

Click here to enter your link which will take you to another page. I will transfer all entries to this page as soon as possible!

  1. A Puzzle for the Solver
  2. Rabbits Relapse
  3. Marie
  4. Autumn goes Sky Diving
  5. Did You See That Rabbit?
  6. The Peacock – ablogdog.com
  7. Alice Returns
  8. Continuing the Adventures of Alice
  9. For Old Times Sake
  10. Alice and the Rabbit
  11. What’s in a Name?
  12. Diabetic Redemption
  13. Alice Late Rabbit
  14. Isobelandcat
  15. Rabbit Hunt
  16. Her Father’s Voice
  17. An Important Date
  18. Susan K Mann
  19. An Invitation to Tea
  20. Late Rabbit
  21. White Rabbit
  22. Lucid Gypsy’s Alice
  23. Mrs Teepot
  24. When is A Rabbit Not a Rabbit
  25. A Beastly Experience
  26. A Thought for 2012
  27. Limebird Writers
  28. The Frightening of Emily Bean -pt.2
  29. Wonderland No More
  30. What was the rabbit late for?
  31. The Rabbit’s Late
  32. Fragments from FireflyPhil
  33. Mel? – Discovering Writing
  34. Angler’s Rest
  35. Cyclical

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