Is clutter overwhelming you? Find out why



Are you a clutterer? Does clutter figure in your life?

Do you worry about it?

Would you feel better to know there are types of clutter and once you have identified which plagues you, you can do something about it? READ ON!

Types of clutter

Most of us have a passion for things and often, maybe without knowing, we gravitate towards the same ‘genre’ of items

  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Music
  • Make-up and toiletries
  • Photos

Now this type of collecting should not be confused with a hobby that requires you to gather things of the same type which are then catalogued and stored carefully. These varied interests may be shared with other enthusiasts like stamp collectors, train spotters or a particular design of china.

No, clutter is a collection that is untidy, messy and often consists of things that do not go together. It is not something you would share!


Places for clutter

The type of clutterer you are will depend on where your clutter can be found.

Floors – this is usually the domain of young folk who are too busy to even know that there is a container for much of what they leave on the floor. Many also have a mum who will pick it up eventually

Cupboards – the room may look tidy but is it safe to open to cupboards and drawers?

Surfaces – is there any space to put something down?


Tips for curing your clutter habit

So, you’ve accepted you need help and you have identifed the type of clutter you accumulate. Now for the cure. As with all things addictive, it will take time and although it would be nice to have the place tidy, this isn’t life threatening so don’t beat yourself up over it.

However, you might find some of the following useful:

  1. If you hoard magazines and papers, pass them onto someone else or put them in the recycle as soon as you have read them. Don’t put them down!
  2. If the item is hasn’t been needed for over a year throw it away!
  3. Clear up each week rather than waiting for an annual de-clutter. You may end up throwing too much out then and regret it.
  4. Have one space, ideally not too large, that you allow yourself to fill up. Once it’s full empty it!

I hope this light-hearted guide has given you food for thought. Do check out this fabulous infographic that details more types and cures.


What are your solutions for keeping the place tidy?




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