So, how clean IS your house?

Cleaning your house


Sitting my kitchen having my hair cut ( yes the hairdresser comes to us!) I noticed how grubby the door of my fridge looked. Scanning the other cupboards, the tale was similar, which reminded me of this article in the Huffington Post. Whilst they concentrated on the kitchen I discovered there are lots of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ grubby bits in my house!

Window sills

The warmth of our houses can mean that condensation forms along the sills where the glass sits in your windows. If like me you have nets hanging up, this can add to the collection of mold that can eventually spread to your curtains which then need replacing. Easy to miss if you are just polishing the full sill.

Plug holes

I am more aware of the condition of my kitchen plug hole than I am of those in my bathroom. I suppose that one gets more traffic, often the type that stains like tea so it is more noticeable but over time the grime that soap causes can gather. I need to be brave and remove the one in the shower occasionally can collect enough hair to make a mat!

Edges of carpets

I bought a new hoover a few months ago. It’s my first upright and I love it. It glides easily and has this amazing light on the front to highlight the floor you are about to clean. The only problem is that it shows ALL the floor including the very edges. I couldn’t believe how much fluff collects there. Thank goodness I don’t have a toddler crawling around!


Now, had I realised how dust collected on door fronts and how you can see this in certain lights, I probably wouldn’t have had all my doors painted dark brown! It goes back to my opening comment about the kitchen doors (they are white obviously!) and how grubby they get. I do have to dust all the doors in the house weekly which is probably not something you will all have to do but they will be dusty believe me!

Between the cushions

We have two settees and they both have a cushion divide. You would be amazed what is discovered there when I remember to look!

Tops of things

Now that is a nice vague title but I mean the tops of tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, the tops of lower cupboards, the tops of items stored on working surfaces.


The article mentioned,  refers to ‘festering nooks and crannies’. I’m sure your house has none of those and certainly hope mine aren’t too much of a health hazard but it did get me looking a little closer.

The moral of this tale for me, who is not a lover of having to spend time cleaning although I love the results, is to wipe regularly before it turns into a major clean!

Of course I could pay for a cleaner to do it for me!

Are your nooks and crannies festering?



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