The results are amazing! Turmeric works!

turmeric works

It didn’t really take 30 days to find out that turmeric works.

After the first week I was aware of changes happening.

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Before the tablets

When I got out of bed first thing in the morning I used to have that ‘oh goodness, let’s get everything moving’ moments. I didn’t ache as such but everything felt stiff and reluctant to move. My back, which has always been a bit troublesome felt as if it could go into spasm unless I moved very gingerly. 

I sat on the side of the bed to put my pants on as it was easier and nothing ached. During the morning, things would gradually become freer and for instance, walking up the stairs was easier. 


The tablet experience

It said on the box to take one to two tablets. I decided to take one a day because I was a tiny bit nervous what side effects there might be. I needn’t have worried. The effects were just like they said on the advert that Future You Turmeric+ is great for joints and muscles. 

Immediate impact – by the end of the first week, I noticed that I could stand up to put my pants on. Now that may sound funny but think about it. I was able to stand on one leg, lift the other without anything hurting!

Unexpected effects – I slept better! I was aware that after a couple of weeks my sleep was sounder. I didn’t link it to the Turmeric+ I was taking but after doing some research, it appears that turmeric can help with sleep!


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Turmeric works – celebs say so!

As usual, it is not until you start researching that you find out that what is new to you has been around for ages and is used in all sorts of ways! Turmeric is not my best-kept secret. 

  • Sir Michael Caine has been taking it for 30 years!
  • Thandie Newton adds it to her tinted moisturiser 
  • Gwyneth Paltrow makes turmeric lattes 
  • Deliciously Ella makes turmeric hummus
  • Nigella add it to soups
  • Star Wars star Daisy Ridley uses a turmeric face mask

For us lesser mortals, it has great benefits as protection against a list of illnesses including asthma and allergies, heart disease and those that need an antiseptic. A recent study of arthritis sufferers reported a 58% decrease in pain and stiffness in joints after taking supplements containing the curcumin that is present in turmeric.

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Go on! Try it for yourself!


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