Nutribullet update bonanza!

Nutribullet Update

Back in April I told you I had bought a Nutribullet and you asked for an update later in the year. Well here it is!

I have joined a Face Book group with some friends and we have been sharing our combinations for a while now. For me, I still love them but hubby had to stop having them as they had too much fibre for his system. He’s a sensitive soul!

To give you an idea of the reasons folks buy one of these machines and what they do with them, here are some views from the gang! These were the questions I asked them:

  1. Why did you buy it & start using it? What was your motivation?
    2. What is your favourite combination?
    3. What are the negatives about using it ( incl combos that didn’t work)


We start with our group leader.

                                                                                                     Helen DaykinHelen Daykin

I bought it because I love a new gadget and everyone else seemed to be getting one, I’m an advertisers dream! I also know I’m always in a rush and don’t eat properly which I get frustrated about,
I love sweet bullets, creamy texture but very cold too.

I started off buying loads of veg and fruit without reading or thinking things through and I made the vilest of combinations. I’ve now mastered the recipes so it’s much better.


Angela BurridgeAngela Burridge

I bought it because my son and partner had one and drank green juices every morning. They seemed to have so much more energy, and looked better.
I prefer a sweeter fruity juice though I always put spinach in as well. I like to add nuts etc of some sor
t, and really like adding a fat free yog which makes it so creamy.

Mary FarmerMary Farmer

I bought it to go alongside a healthy eating plan that I started in March. I also prefer fruit to veg ones but only allow myself them as a ‘treat’
I don’t use as meal substitutes but as fillers if hungry.
Ginger generally makes any nutriblast better! I also feel less hungry and more energised when I use them on a regular basis. Particularly work well when I’m at school and need a snack midmorning or after children leave school. Fave (not counting fruit ones!) is melon, strawb, spinach, kiwi, coconut water with small bit of ginger.

Freezing helps

One hint from Mary is to get several days blitzes ready, bag them up and pop them in the freezer. That way you always have one ready. Lots of the contributors here like them cold. I’m not a fan of that so get my ingredients out of the freezer the night before so they are thawed for the morning.


Cherise DuxburyCherise Duxbury

I bought mine in May. I don’t eat breakfast  and as a teacher there is never enough time to eat lunch ( so I decided I need to try a be a bit healthier, especially as I always get ill in the holidays. I am now addicted and find myself ditching the crisps and eating healthier and healthier. I am feeling fantastic and my energy levels are so much higher. I try to have coconut water with every bullet, as well as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed, chia seeds, goji berries.The only disaster I have had is with celery…YUCK! What I do find, is I am now much more adventurous at trying new and exotic fruits, as well as almond or hazelnut milk – never had them before. I am not sure just how much weight I am losing, but I am not really bothered to be honest – I feel GREAT! Another bonus is the rest of my family love having them every day too….especially my two teenagers who I know are now being healthier.


Jen DevanyJen Devany

We were given the bullet as a gift from parents in law. I had watched a documentary on Netflix called ‘fat, sick and nearly dead’ about an Australian guy who turned his health around from juicing. He did an extreme juice diet with 100% vegetables. I wanted to be healthier and lose some weight by replacing some meals with juices. I like citrus flavours and ginger in mine. I try and stick to 80% veg as I had heard too much fruit can be bad for you because of all the natural sugar. 

We are not an all women group! Simon McLoughlin has joined us to lose weight before his wedding next year. He has made a ‘how to’ video.


So, lots of ideas for you to think about.

Are you a Nutribullet fan? Would you consider using one even if it is just a new gadget? Which combinations do you think you would like best?

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